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Videos – Dr. Dzung Vo

Check out The Mindful Teen’s blog page and YouTube Channel for video blogs by Dr. Vo.

Here are some more videos featuring Dr. Vo:

Setting an Intention for the Day

Dr. Vo leads a guided meditation to open the Heart-Mind 2013 conference in Vancouver, Canada, hosted by the Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education.


Mindfulness: Youth Voices (2:58)

Dr. Vo discusses mindfulness, and youth share their experiences with mindfulness in their own words. From the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre.



The Mindful Teen: Promoting Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning (25:38)

Dr. Vo presents on mindfulness and teens, to educators at the Mindfulness in Education Network Conference, June 27, 2015, Denver, Colorado. See more videos and highlights from the conference here.



Pediatric Grand Rounds, University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Leora Kuttner and Dr. Dzung Vo, “Where the Mind Meets the Body: Hypnosis and Mindfulness to Expand the Field of Awareness.” April 17, 2015.

  • One-hour presentation for pediatric health care providers, on mindfulness and hypnosis.
  • View the video here