Discovering Your Inner Strength

Youth Voices

“Before learning about mindfulness and practicing it, I had not realized how much of my life I was living outside of the present moment. I am a very anxious person, and I’m often worrying about the future or the past. Mindfulness has allowed me to live more in the now. I feel a sense of self-awareness that I didn’t have before, and it has been incredibly useful for managing my anxiety.

As youth we get so caught up in trying to do as much as we can, as well as we can, to please as many people as we can, that we don’t take time to enjoy anything. We don’t take enough time to love ourselves or really listen to ourselves. Mindfulness helps you do that.

One of the best things about mindfulness is that…[t]here are so many ways to live a more mindful life. Mindfulness is beyond just sitting meditations or yoga practices.

I think that mindfulness can benefit everyone. In the beginning, you may feel silly or find it hard, but it will get
 easier. You just have to approach it with an open mind and no expectations. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your mindfulness practice or to be creative. Don’t be afraid to tell people about it or encourage others to do it with you.

The hardest part is getting yourself to do it. The next hardest part is getting yourself to stick with it. Everything else is much easier.”


– Nicole R.

(Excerpted from The Mindful Teen by Dzung Vo, MD)


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